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Buried is a horror interactive game, you play as Roger Hastings, a 41 years old logger who has just woke up after a disaster strike his logging side. With no memory of what went down and your crew in sight, you have to find out what happened and find your crew members.

About Buried: An Interactive StoryEdit

Buried: An Interactive Story is a singleplayer game published on Steam, 21 January 2016 by Bromoco Games. You play as Roger Hastings who woke up in the middle of the woods to his logging side destroyed, entire crew missing and no memory of what have happened. Your main task is to find out what is happening and try to find your friends, as you do you stumble into secret government facility with danger waiting right around the conrner. Try to survive and escape the nightmare you have just stumbled into.

Buried is choice-based game, every choice you make will change the plot and determine who dies and who survives.

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